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12x Shifawise Natural Black Seeds 100g

12x Shifawise Natural Black Seeds 100g

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Black Seed Uses and Benefits

 The black seeds provide you a powerful punch, both in taste and enhance digestion, immunity and general health. 

 As well as being used as an everyday food supplement or as a spice or flavouring for various cuisines, the Black Seed can also be used to help treat and cure many conditions.

 Science confirms that its healing components work in synchronicity to help maintain optimum health, whilst research tells us that there is not another herb known to man that works with such a wide range of healing capabilities.

 Dosage Suggestions:

 Seeds/ Powder (Original/ Organic) – There are no dosage recommendations. Simply use the seeds as you see fit.

 There is a lot of usages of this product, you can add Nigella Sativa Seeds Powder to your cereals, smoothie or prepare a face mask.

 As a tea: Put 1 tsp Nigella Sativa Seeds Powder into 250ml water and bring to boil. After that, let it steep for 5-10min. To make taste it better, you can drink it with honey.

**Do not take if pregnant**

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