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Jean Lowe Fraiche 100ml Eau De Parfum Alhambra

Jean Lowe Fraiche 100ml Eau De Parfum Alhambra

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Introducing Jean Lowe Fraiche Eau de Parfum, a mesmerizing creation by Maison Alhambra inspired by the essence of Immensite.

At its core, this enchanting fragrance weaves a tapestry of warmth and sophistication. The rich and resinous Labdanum harmonizes effortlessly with the profound depth of Patchouli and the velvety richness of Sandalwood, creating an intoxicating aura that captivates the senses.

As the journey unfolds, a delightful sweetness emerges, accompanied by the refreshing presence of Melon and the delicate floral embrace of Jasmine. Ginger adds a subtle hint of spice, while Nutmeg imparts a comforting warmth, enhancing the overall allure of the composition.

In its final act, the fragrance gracefully settles into its base notes, where the woody elegance of Cedarwood mingles with the opulent sweetness of Amber, leaving an indelible impression that lingers in the air long after the initial encounter. Jean Lowe Fraiche is a testament to the artistry of perfumery, offering a captivating and enduring olfactory experience that resonates with sophistication and refinement.
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