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Marque Collection

214 Eau De Parfum 25ml Marque Collection

214 Eau De Parfum 25ml Marque Collection

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Marque 214 - Oud Satin Mood: A journey through sensations and cultures, hidden behind an extraordinarily fragrant aroma, inspired by Baccarat Satin Oud. 

Your eyes close. In the tips of your fingers, you hold a stylish black perfume bottle, its gold detail hinting at luxury. It feels substantial, robust. Your fingers gently descend onto the spray button and then... A fragrance impossible to put into words reaches your nostrils.

"Marque 214 - Oud Satin Mood" is a scent characterized by deep woody notes that take you on a magnificent journey through the mysterious and magical Indian culture. This scent immerses you in an unknown world where exoticism and mystery form an inimitable blend, full of secrets and unexplained emotions.

This aroma composition is dominated by Turkish and Bulgarian rose fragrances, which harmonize with the mysterious oud note, creating a deep and exotic atmosphere. Sweet benzoin resin envelops the entire composition, giving the scent intensity and sensuality. Finally, violet and vanilla add gentleness, romance, and coquetry.

"Marque 214 - Oud Satin Mood" is not just a scent, it's an expression of a lifestyle, individuality, and independence. It's an ornament that adorns your personality, emphasizes your uniqueness, and taste. Whether you are a man or a woman, this scent will give you self-confidence and allow you to boast your uniqueness.

Whether you are a city dweller or a traveler, "Marque 214 - Oud Satin Mood" scent perfectly suits your daily life or special occasions. It is your choice of luxury, elegance, and uniqueness, that truly deserves a place in your perfume collection.

Top notes: Bulgarian rose, violets.

Heart note: Turkish rose.

Base notes: amber, benzoin, vanilla, cedar, oud.
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