Omani Men's Collarless Mat Zip Thobe (Full Set- 12 Pieces)

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This plain Omani thobe features a zipped opening and discreet stitching on the chest and arms. The v-shaped design keeps this thobe from looking too plain and can make you look slimmer by directing the eyes up and down as opposed to side-to-side. The shiny design of this thobe makes it perfect for parties. Wear it with a waistcoat or alone with a contrasting hat or Emirati headdress for special occasions.

Material: Polyester

Colours: Navy Blue, Blue, Grey, Black

 Full Set Sizes 

Sizes Quantity
Size 50 1
Size 52 3
Size 54  3
Size 56 2
Size 58 1
Size 60 1
Size 62 1