Raw Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (Hana) 200ml

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Organic & 100% Natural for your life change... Replace your face moisturizer, body lotion, Cleanser, make-up remover, Toothpaste, shaving cream, Hair conditioner and penetrating hair treatment to name a few, with a single ingredient – Hana organic extra virgin coconut oil widely used head to toe it can be face, neck, body, feet and hands – a total solution from heaven Get rid of the chemicals from your life… enjoy the pure love of nature with 100% pure natural Hana organic extra virgin coconut oil  Using the healthiest oil on earth for your face & body has never been easier...with our fastest shipment and friendlier customer care Hana is organic, cold-pressed & extra virgin, chock full of the nutrients your body needs to glow from head to toe & fits perfectly where ever you need it.