Oud al Shuyukh 100ml Eau De Parfum Ard Al Zaafaran

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Oud Al Shuyukh perfume SUROORI - ARD AL ZAAFARAN 100ML Eau de Parfum

 Perfume Oud al Shuyukh Eau de Parfum is a unisex fragrance designed to satisfy most cravings

 An exclusivity that you will find difficult!

 Oud al Shuyukh Eau de Parfum has a note of oudh and this element has a lingering smell on the fragrance but ends with a sweetness that you can almost taste

A very clean and lively perfume Oud al Shuyukh contains a mixture of essences to satisfy both sexes

It's a blend of traditional Arabic scent, a long lasting scent, a single spray will leave its scent on clothing for a long time. A rich blend of agarwood

 Fragrance notes: agarwood, cedar, lavender, rosemary sage, patchouli, vetiver

 Ideal for lovers of typical oriental perfumes!

 Ard Al Zaafaran for everyone

When the French style meets the Arabic perfumery ... !!

 Ard Al Zaafaran is a leading perfume house based in Dubai.

 The perfume is a unisex perfume

Suitable for: women and men

 Brand: Surooru-Ard Al Zafraan


  • contains denatured alcohol (halal)


  • Quantity: 100ml Eau de Parfum


  • Bottle with spray nozzle


Made in the United Arab Emirates

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