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Type Native to tropical Africa, Senna has been used for centuries as part of a diet that promotes healthy bowel functions. You can use Senna leaves to make a tea that will act as a great laxative, combating constipation and encouraging regularity.






100% Organic Senna Pods: Constipation, Weight Loos, Ruqya. Premium Quality Dried Herb






Traditional Use and Health Benefits






Senna has been used as a traditional medicine by ancient cultures all over the world for millennia. Senna is an Arabian name and 9th century writings describe how it was used extensively by Arabian physicians. According to a rare Egyptian medical papyrus, dating to the 16th century BCE, Senna was prescribed by the physicians for their distinguished patients.






In North America, native tribes used the seeds (pods) as a mucilaginous medicine for sore throat. The Cherokees used the bruised root, moistened with water, for dressing sores. They also used it in a tea to cure fevers with black spots and paralysis as symptoms.






Senna Benefits









The most famous use of this herb is as a laxative and a purgative. It is now known that the laxative effects of Senna are due to anthraquinone glycosides known as sennosides. 

These compounds stimulate intestinal contractions that lead to the rapid expulsion of waste matter.