Kawthar Parfum Oil 15ml Swiss Arabian

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Kawthar 15ml Perfume Oil by Swiss Arabian

  • Impress everyone with the Swiss Arabian Kawthar Oil perfume Unisex 15 ml, which has been specially formulated with natural ingredients to provide an enriching experience to the users. The intricately designed golden bottle of Swiss Arabian Kawthar Oil perfume Unisex 15 ml contains a fragrance that astounds the senses of the wearer the very moment bottle is opened. Starting from the fresh top notes of Turkish rose, the fragrance mesmerizes the nostrils and after a while, it dissipates into sweet Spanish saffron and intense Cambodian agarwood.

Fragrance Notes :

Top Note: Turkish Rose-

Middle Note: Spanish Saffron, Cambodian Agarwood-

Base Note: Indian Amber.