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Black Seed Oil 100% Pure 100ml x12

Black Seed Oil 100% Pure 100ml x12

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Virgin Black Seed Oil is amongst the purest and finest brand of Black Seed Oil you will come across. 100% Virgin Cold Pressed Extraction. Independently tested for purity.

Protect yourself and your family!

Black Seed Oil is really quite incredible. The health benefits are endless just to name a few:

May improve immune system.
Could promote liver health
May combat diabetes
Aids in weight loss
Protects skin
Benefits hair
Treats infections
Balances cholesterol

Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Blessings be upon him) said " Use the Black Seed, because it contains a cure for every type of ailment, except for death." [ Tirmidhi, Ahmad and Ibn Hibban]

Black Seed Oil can be applied externally to the skin (to help treat things such as Dry Skin, Scars, Acne, Itchy Scalp, Eczema, Psoriasis, and Inflammation on the skin). It is also commonly-used to aid weight loss (due to its blood-sugar lowering properties), and also to aid hair growth (by strengthening the hair follicles).



Using Black Seed Oil nourishes and revitalises the hair – resulting in a stronger, healthier, and shinier look. In recent years the West have particularly taken to the use of Black Seed Oil for the hair.

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