Arabic at Your Hands (Al-Arabiya Baynah Yadayk) – العربية بين يديك Level 4

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Arabic at Your Hands Series is developed for educational entities, including schools, institutes and universities. It begins from the basic level and continues with the students until they master Arabic language, which enables them to join university and continue their Arabic studies in various majors. The fourth level consists of two parts (books), each of which includes 8 units (total of 16 units). Each unit consists of 7 lessons, constituting a total of 112 basic lessons in this level. The lessons of each unit are organized as follows: - Comprehension text and exercises 4 pages - Language rules (1) and exercises 3 pages - Listening exercises 2 pages - Advanced expression 1 page - Language rules (2) and exercises 3 pages - Writing and Research 2 pages - Comprehensive Reading 6 pages Total of 21 pages per unit Tests and evaluations: The fourth level (part 1 and 2) comprises four tests (after each four units) as follows: 1. First test: for units 1:4 (at the middle of the first book in this level) 2. Second test: for units 5:8 (at the end of the first book in this level) 3. Third test: for units 9:12 (at the middle of the second book in this level) 4. Fourth test: for units 13:16 (at the end of the second book in this level) At the end of the fourth level, there are lists of vocabulary used in each unit and another list of all the vocabularies of the level arranged alphabetically. It also includes comprehension texts and an audio CD (8 hours) for all text and some exercises used in this level.

volumes: two Volume