Three Layer Niqab

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Our Three-layer niqab comes in a generous size for good coverage. Made of a premium soft and lightweight chiffon fabric, which makes the niqab breathable, soft to the touch, comfortable to wear and has an excellent flow to it.

It has three layers: the first layer which covers the face and the second and third layers all drape beautifully and provides excellent coverage in terms of length and width. The eye-opening is specially cut out to ensure comfort around the eyes, not too narrow nor too wide and suitable for the sister who wears eye-glasses.

Perfect wears for any weather, Soft to the skin, easy to wear and flows gorgeously!!

Length of the layers
1st :  48cm x 15cm 
2nd:  76cm x 70cm 
3rd : 88cm x 70cm
Length of below eye area: 50cm
colour: jet black
These measurements may vary slightly from item to item.